Tennis courts dome scheme wins approval

A scheme to improve the tennis courts at the New Street Recreation Ground gained approval at a meeting of Daventry District Council on Wednesday.

DDC portfolio holder for community, culture and leisure, Cllr Alan Hills, said the scheme would continue in the spirit of the Olympics, would help to reduce obesity and would be a versatile facility used for other sports.

The scheme will cost £270,000 of which £106,102 is from earmarked reserves for outdoor leisure (arising from the sale of Middlemore sites 9 and 8 West).

Cllr Wendy Randall said she had reservations about the amount of money being spent on one scheme and for one sport, especially as the facility would charge for use once developed.

However, DDC leader Cllr Chris Millar said: “The town is going to experience a huge amount of growth and as this facility will have disabled usage, it’s a very good thing for Daventry that will serve people for years to come.”

Cllr Chris Over raised concerns about the development of a dome structure at the site.

Cllr Hills added: “I think Cllr Millar summed it up, we aren’t just building for now but for tomorrow.”