Teens’ colour fest lights up community

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A group of teenagers in Daventry organised a festival last week as part of a social action and community project.

The group of 17 joined up to be involved in the National Citizen Service, a government initiative which encourages young people to plan and complete a project to help in their local community.

3 Spirit Festival, The Phoenix Centre, Ashby Road, Daventry.

3 Spirit Festival, The Phoenix Centre, Ashby Road, Daventry.

In Daventry the teens organised a ‘3 Spirit Festival’ at the Phoenix Youth Centre where they raised £500 for deaf blind charity Sense.

Team member Alicia Martin from Timken said: “NCS spreads throughout the summer and involves a lot of team building.

“You go on a residential visit then are put with a group with people from the local area, most of which you haven’t met before, and given a blank piece of paper and no money but have to develop a community project.”

Team member Isaac Goode told said their festival took inspiration from the Holi Festival (a Hindu religious festival) which is a celebration of love and community where participants take a handful of colour and throw it, covering everyone involved.

The team approached local businesses in Daventry to donate paint for their festival and ran a cake stall at the leisure centre as well as car boot sales to pay for the rest of the materials needed.

Miss Martin said: “We decided on the festival because there isn’t really anything like it, it’s a festival all about life and bringing people together and that’s exactly what we were trying to do.”

As well as paint throwing the festival had children’s arts and crafts and live music.

In total, including previous fundraisers, the group raised £700 for Sense.

Miss Martin said the group may continue to put on more community events after they complete NCS.

For further information on NCS visit www.ncsyes.co.uk.