Teenagers’ plea for estate skate park

Charlie Barge and friends are calling for a new skate park on their estate
Charlie Barge and friends are calling for a new skate park on their estate

Teenagers living on Daventry’s Timken estate are calling for a new skate park to be built closer to their homes.

The skateboarders claim the nearest facilities to them are run-down and often vandalised. Many of them use the skate park at New Street in the centre of Daventry but complain it is difficult for them to get to without transport.

One of the skateboarders Charlie Barge, 14, has now written a letter to Daventry District Council (DDC) calling on the authority to consider building another facility.

Charlie, a pupil of The Parker E-ACT Academy, said: “Timken needs a skate park. There are skate parks all over Daventry except Timken.

“Everyday me and my friends are trekking all the way to town to go on the main skate park. We could go to Ashby Fields or Fishponds but they are all wrecked.”

The skateboarders have suggested a couple of sites on Timken which they say would be a suitable location for a set of ramps and not too close to any houses, reducing the risk of local residents being affected by noise.

Charlie added: “A set of ramps on Timken would not have to be as big as the ones in town.

“The council will probably say it does not have the money for another skate park but building a new one would be a good investment.

“It would help to keep teenagers off the streets and into sports. All of the children into skating around Timken would support it.”

The skate park at Ashby Fields is inspected and maintained monthly, according to DDC. It says that the skateboarders’ request for a new facility at Timken would be considered if additional resources became available.

In reply to Charlie’s letter, Julie Lewis, DDC’s contracts and performance officer, said: “We have just spent a considerable amount of money building the new skate park at New Street.

“The idea of this was to provide a much bigger, better facility for all of Daventry’s residents to use, rather than lots of small, local facilities.

“Our resources have to cover a number of services for residents, not just skate parks, and we have to look at all needs and requirements.”