Teenager speaks out after being stabbed in Daventry

A TEENAGER narrowly avoided life-threatening injury after being stabbed in a gang attack in Daventry.

Janusz Rokicki, 17 and from Weedon, was walking on the Southbrook with his girlfriend at around 9pm on Friday, September 28, when the attack happened.

He said: “We had been at a birthday party and went out to get some snacks from the shop in Nelson Close.

“We were walking back along Fraser Close when this group approached us.

“About half of them walked past us, and the other half were in front and someone said ‘let us have a go on your misses’ so I turned and said ‘what?’ and they started to come towards us.

“One of them punched me in the face and then walked off. One of them held back, asked if I was okay and shook my hand.

“Then I felt something warm and wet on my back. I put my hand there and I was bleeding.

“I was wearing a t-shirt, a shirt and a jacket, and the knife had gone through all that and into my back. I didn’t feel the blade at all.”

He had received two stab wounds to his back, each narrowly missing a kidney and a lung.

Janusz, who is studying a public service course at Northampton College in Daventry ahead of applying to join the Marines, and his girlfriend, rushed back to the party where he was given first aid and an ambulance was called.

He said: “I had to go to the hospital where they said both cuts were about an inch wide and an inch deep.

“They were clean cuts though, so I think it must have been a blade.

“I want to know why they did it. I see it as an unprovoked attack. There’s no need for people to be carrying knives in Daventry.

“I guess I’m still in shock about it all really. It still doesn’t seem like something that actually happened.”

After receiving stitches in hospital Janusz was released the following day.

His band, Boot Brigade, had been due to play at the PhoenixFest but had to cancel after the incident.

His mother, Maggie Rokicki, said: “It has left me very anxious and worried, not only for my son, but the fact that this cowardly gang could attack again and the next time the injuries might be fatal.

“Janusz is still in shock. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet how serious this could have been.

“I appeal to the parents of any members of this gang to come forward.

“I am fortunate that my son is still here. The wounds luckily missed vital organs.

“How would they feel if it happened to their child?

“To the teenagers themselves, if you have any self respect, moral standards, you would realise that hanging around in gangs, carrying knives, will result in serious consequences.

“People who stab others without provocation are just feral delinquents.”

Police say there were 10 men and youths in the gang involved and all wore dark clothing.