Teenager from Weedon completes trek in Costa Rica

The team in Costa Rica
The team in Costa Rica

A teenager from Weedon has returned from a trip to Central America, learning local skills.

Peter Anson, a 18-year-old from Weedon recently completed an 14-day trek through the rainforest of Central America on a Girl Scout Destination with Outward Bound Costa Rica.

The team trekking in Costa Rica

The team trekking in Costa Rica

On this unique course, Peter learned about Costa Rican culture on homestays with local families and stepped out of his comfort zone with adventure activities.

“The hiking allowed me to think and forget about other aspects of my life,” Peter said.

Peter hiked and camped his way through untouched rainforest to the remote village of Piedras Blancas, passing waterfalls and dense cloud forests. In the village, the group stayed with local families, practicing their Spanish skills and learning about Costa Rican traditions through hands-on activities such as harvesting sugar cane and making it into juice and candy.

The most difficult section, a 17-km stretch of terrain, required the group to support each other and use teamwork.

Peter also learned to trust his course mates and push his limits while rappelling down an 80-foot waterfall.

After a rich cultural experience, the group headed to the famed Manuel Antonio National Park, where they learned about local wildlife and enjoyed the beach. The group finished up their course with a day of whitewater rafting on the Pejibaye River.

“I didn’t know what to expect but I was very pleased,” Peter said.

Jim Rowe, Executive Director of Outward Bound Costa Rica said: “Outward Bound Costa Rica’s programs, like the one Peter participated in, create environments that allow for personal and leadership development through challenges, group effort and cross-cultural understanding."