Team tackles hefty charity challenge

Paul Chaplin, Martyn Jackson, Steve Pow, Mark Arnold and Reiss Keating part of TEAM POW.
Paul Chaplin, Martyn Jackson, Steve Pow, Mark Arnold and Reiss Keating part of TEAM POW.

Members of the Training Shed gym took on a hefty challenge , lifting three million kgs in just 24 hours to raise almost £2,000 for charity.

Over 70 members of all abilities, along with supporters, friends and family, descended on the gym in Alvis Way Daventry on Saturday, November 29 to take part in the event which included cakes and a barbecue as well as raffle with more than 40 prizes.

Tom Haynes, co-owner and founder of the Training Shed, said: “This event was started by cancer sufferer and member Steve Pow, who was our inspiration behind this after being diagnosed with cancer in his throat.

“His doctors said if he wasn’t as fit and as strong as he was, he simply wouldn’t have survived the cancer or treatment. As a result he has been asked to inspire sufferers of cancer who are currently in hospital. Some members did four to six hour stints, others could only manage two hours, but every kilogram counted towards the three million kg total.”

The three million kg total was reached and even exceeded at 6am on Sunday morning. “The 21 hours of lifting and shifting weight took its toll on many of our members, said Tom, “But they have all said the event was worth every ache.”

In a post added posted on the gym’s Facebook page Tom said: “What the past 24 hours has shown is that the Training Shed is more than just a gym, it’s a thriving community of generous, loveable souls, of all abilities, strength, size, ages and backgrounds, who enjoy their training; but the one thing that consistently stands out is the size of the heart in each and everyone of you.” The money raised will be shared between five different cancer charities, Coppafeel!, Sarcoma, Cancer Research, Prostate UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.