Team gathered bags of rubbish on Daventry estate

Some of the volunteers getting ready for the Middlemore tidy-up
Some of the volunteers getting ready for the Middlemore tidy-up

Dozens of bin liners full of rubbish were collected when residents on a Daventry estate decided to clean up their area at the weekend.

A team of 34 volunteers helped tidy up the Middlemore estate on Saturday by picking up litter.

Organised by Karen Tweedale, secretary of the residents’ association and a town councillor, other items picked up included a petrol can, bike wheel, a large piece of plastic, and a shopping trolley.

Cllr Tweedale said: “From my house I was looking out and seeing the rubbish and getting more and more exasperated with the sight. I’d been out on one of the Grange estate tidy-ups and thought why didn’t we organise one for Middlemore.

“We had 24 people turn up at the start, and others joined us to make 34 volunteers, including some children who were playing on the park. We also had some residents from the new part of the estate as well.

“We started off in the Vale at the park where there was a lot of broken glass. But then we moved on to cover the rest of the estate.

“It was a great success – I’m chuffed with how it went. Not only did we pick up all that rubbish but there were people from the estate meeting other residents they didn’t know before.”

One problem highlighted during the tidy-up was the amount of dog mess on the estate, something Daventry District Council has agreed to monitor.