Taxi licence appeal rejected for driver with a string of convictions

AN APPEAL against a decision by Daventry District Council to refuse someone a taxi licence to someone with a string of criminal convictions has been rejected.

Israr Ali, 21, of Gillett Road, Banbury, applied to DDC for a hackney carriage driver’s licence in May 2012.

As part of the process Mr Ali was required to provide a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, which revealed details of 16 convictions ranging from theft to dangerous driving.

The council refused the application and Mr Ali appealed the decision through Northampton Magistrates’ Court. On Friday, October 5, magistrates dismissed the appeal and awarded DDC £1,743 in costs.

The council wants to use the case as a reminder to people considering becoming taxi drivers in the district that licenses are only granted to those who are considered “fit and proper” persons.

DDC chief executive Ian Vincent said: “Anyone who drives a taxi in the district must be licensed by the council and it’s very important that we are satisfied that the public are safe with those drivers.

“This case is a good opportunity to remind potential applicants that they will be subject to a criminal records check and other criteria, which ensures they can be considered ‘fit and proper’ persons.

“Hackney carriage and private hire vehicle drivers hold a position of responsibility and are trusted by the community to transport adults, children and vulnerable people, so it’s vital that we have a robust criminal records policy in place.”

For more information about applying for a licence go to Daventry District Council or contact the environmental health team at Daventry District Council on 01327 871100.