Tale of poet’s wife released

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AN AWARD-winning author who has written a novel about the poet John Clare will see her book published in paperback next month.

Judith Allnatt from Weedon, who won the Portico Prize for Literature for her first book, A Mile of River, will see her second tale, The Poet’s Wife released on February 17 available for £7.99.

It tells the story of Northamptonshire poet John Clare and his wife Patty who is upset that he has chosen not to go back to her but to find his childhood sweetheart, Mary Joyce.

She wanted to paint a more realistic version of the poet than had previously been told.

Mrs Allnatt said: “I was doing some research on John Clare because I love his poetry and when I researched, I found this extraordinary emotional journey.

“Patty was leading a life married to a man who wanted another woman while still trying to cope with the children.

“There is an inclination when writing about John Clare to focus on his poetry and to write a romanticised version of him. I wanted to write something which is a bit truthful.”

She is also delighted the book will feature in promotions.

Mrs Allnatt added: “I have been told the book will go on sale at paperback and be part of the Waterstones Three for Two promotion which will raise awareness.

“I ultimately just want people to become a bit more aware of John Clare’s poetry because it’s beautiful.”

She has also revealed that she is currently researching for a third book but did not want to reveal too much.

Mrs Allnatt said: “I am looking into the First World War for my next book but it is too early to say when it might be released.”