Tackling the problems of 
a town park

Day of Action, The Hollows, Daventry'Mick McMorrow ( Street Scene )
Day of Action, The Hollows, Daventry'Mick McMorrow ( Street Scene )
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Litter and antisocial behaviour on a Daventry park were the focus during a day of 
action on Monday.

Representatives from the police, Daventry District Council, and their contractors Enterprise were at The Hollow on Monday.

Officers spoke to local residents and park users, while work was done to try and tackle some of the problems highlighted.

Jeannette Midson said: “I come down to the park almost every day to walk my dog and always pick up bottles and cans that have been dropped.

“The worry I have is these things can be hidden by the grass, so when a mower comes over they get broken and spread over the field. There are children who play here, and dogs that are walked so having broken glass isn’t good.

“There are lots of people who come down here to use the park in the good weather, but some of them don’t seem to be able to carry their litter to the bins on their way out. They also need bigger bins as they’re often full.”

District councillor Wayne Howard was also there talking to residents. He said: “The problems people have been talking to me about are things like litter, dog fouling and antisocial behaviour – things we already thought were an issue and that’s why we’re doing things here today.”

Work included cutting back hedges, in places by 10 to 20 yards, used by groups to drink and shelter from the rain. The park’s CCTV camera was demonstrated to residents, who were also given questionnaires and a volunteer team from McDonalds Daventry helped collect litter.

Inspector Helen Pritchett said: “We want people to use the town’s open spaces and to feel safe while they are doing so, but we want them to use the parks responsibly – to pick up their litter, to clean up after their dogs and not to cause a nuisance to other people.”