Survey finds rental prices have gone up

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Figures released this week have shown that the cost of private renting in the Daventry district increased by more than nine per cent in two years.

Released by the National Housing Federation (NHF), the numbers show the average cost of private renting in the area has increased from £605 per month in September 2011 to £662 for September 2013. An increase of 9.4 per cent.

The NHF says Daventry district sits only behind Rutland as the place which has seen the biggest increase in private rental costs in the East Midlands. It also showed 28 per cent of parents thought it unlikely their children will be able to afford to buy or rent in the area they grew up in.

Kate Warburton, external affairs manager for East Midlands at the NHF, said: “Parents should look forward to a bright and prosperous future for their children but are worried that they will end up being worse off than them.

“Are we really OK with the idea of some of our towns and cities being priced beyond the pay packets of young people? How will our communities survive if young people can’t afford to live there? This is the situation we’re facing if we don’t tackle the housing crisis.

“It’s taken a generation to create this broken housing market and will take us a generation to get out of it.

“We’re calling on all political parties to commit to end the housing crisis within a generation to ensure the situation doesn’t continue to worsen leaving our children to deal with the consequences. We want the next government to publish a long-term plan within a year of taking office that sets out how they will achieve this.”

It is believed that the rent prices have gone up due to fewer people buying houses and increased demand for rental properties.

One reader, Tasha-lee Smith, speaking on Facebook, said: “Rented houses are mental prices; I don’t see how any first time renters are meant to be able to afford a place for themselves without finding themselves in arrears.

“The people I know have moved outside Daventry just because of the prices or problems with affording it. It doesn’t seem to good for Daventry when they are trying to bring more people here.”