Support grows to Clean Up Daventry

Rubbish on the Southbrook estate
Rubbish on the Southbrook estate

The Gusher’s Clean Up Daventry Campaign, launched in last week’s paper, has already met with a huge response.

The Daventry Express is leading the call to get the town looking its best once more by addressing the issues of litter, graffiti, dog mess, pot holes and more. And we want the authorities responsible to act quicker in tackling highlighted problem areas.

Rob McNally Tweeted us photos of trolleys left abandoned around the town and said: “Great to see your efforts; everyone needs to take responsibility to tackle this serious problem.

“After highlighting litter and fouling in Southbrook it’s great to see the Gusher and Daventry District Council support a Daventry spring clean.”

Ray Dawson got in touch about Bowen Square, saying: “These areas are fairly new and to see them already in such a poor state is nothing less than disgraceful. Bowen Square is the centre of our town; it should be maintained to the highest level.”

Michelle Swinbourne highlighted problems on The Severn and The Medway. She said: “I lived in Daventry all my life until eight years ago.

“I came back to visit some friends, walked from the town to the Grange and could have cried. I went past my old family home and was totally shocked at how badly run down the estate looked.”