Super slimming success for Long Buckby man

Ian after his weight loss.
Ian after his weight loss.

A former semi-professional rugby player is offering inspiration to those who want to trim down after shedding nine stone.

Ian Stuart went to slimming sessions with Weight Watchers as well as having gastric sleeve surgery.

Now he can fit into one leg of the trousers he once wore at 25 stone.

The battle of the bulge started for Ian, 54, from Long Buckby, after he broke his neck 20 years ago during a rugby scrum.

Before the injury to his neck, Ian was heavy but considered fit and healthy. However, after the injury, he was not able to get about as he once did and rugby was a thing of the past.

He said: “I hate to admit it but I became a food addict. Losing the rugby affected me and I lost all motivation. I lived for takeouts and beer. I was comfort eating and couldn’t stop and by 2011 I weighed 25 stone. My kidneys were in trouble and I began having heart issues because of the increase in fluid in my body. To top it off, I also had type 2 diabetes.”

In 2016 Ian was offered a gastric sleeve to curb his appetite if he could prove he really wanted to lose the weight. He was referred to Weight Watchers and has shed the stones before and after surgery, now tipping the scales at 16 stone.