Super-fast broadband is ‘vital to county’s future’

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BUSINESSES in the Daventry area are being warned they may be left behind unless super-fast broadband is rolled out across the county.

Bosses at BT have called on the Government and firms in Northamptonshire to work together and grasp an “historic opportunity” for the county.

Villages such as Norton suffer with slow internet connection, and BT’s partnership director for the East Midlands Paul Bimson said the firm is willing to consider a major investment in broadband in the region if “we can create the right environment”.

His call came after the first major private and public sector partnership in the UK was announced to provide faster internet connections to 85 per cent of businesses in Northern Ireland.

Mr Bimson said: “Like parts of Northamptonshire, Northern Ireland has rural areas where the challenges and costs are considerable. But we have worked together to roll out faster broadband far more quickly than would have been possible without a partnership approach.”