Street parties to mark silver anniversary

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RESIDENTS of a Daventry street celebrated the 25th anniversary of their community at the weekend.

The Dingle, which was built on land originally part of Danetre Hospital, organised a srteet party to mark its silver jubilee.

The party was hosted by the Sharp family, and 55 past and present residents showed up. Each person paid £5 and enjoyed food, soft drinks and good company.

Lesley Sharp said of the event: “It was a beautiful day and we all had great fun, sharing memories.”

In honour of this event, current resident Pat Pogorzelski, baked a celebration cake, depicting all the homes in the street.

Before the event was held, residents of The Dingle decided that any left over money from the party held, would be donated to the Friends of Danetre. Once the expenses had been paid for, they had managed to raise £150.

A presentation is yet to be arranged on behalf of the residents of The Dingle and the Friends of Danetre Hospital.