Store steps in after 
plant thieves strike

Pictured is Stella Batten with Heather McKay (Team Leader - Homebase )
Pictured is Stella Batten with Heather McKay (Team Leader - Homebase )

A firm in Daventry has stepped in after a disabled man’s family garden was 
raided by thieves.

The Batten family, from Waveney Close on the Grange, had a new extension built to provide them with a downstairs bedroom for Nigel, 48, who uses a wheelchair.

He suffers from arthritis and possible lymphoma.

After the work was complete they set about repairing the garden which had been left damaged by the work.

Nigel’s wife Stella said: “A lot of people helped us fundraise for the bedroom extension for Nigel because the grants from the council would only cover so much of the cost.

“I thought it’d be nice to make the place look good again outside and it was kind of a thank you to all the people who had helped us out.

“I planted up the garden, not with anything special just a few plants, a couple of lights. Lots of the plants were reduced or on special offer.

“They had all started to grow and expand, but then one night someone came and stole a whole load of them.

“Whoever took them had come from around the side of the house, where no one inside could see them.

“They took plants and they took lights. In one case they pulled the light out but left behind the spike it mounts onto so it’ll be no use to anyone.The plants weren’t unusual or even expensive so I don’t know what they were thinking.”

One of the family’s neighbours works for Homebase in Daventry and through the connection the firm offered to help replace what had been taken.

Mrs Batten said: “Homebase in Daventry donated replacement plants for us so we’d all like to thank them, it was a nice surprise for us when they offered to help.”