Still time for Daventry District residents to register for energy switching scheme


Daventry District residents are being given the opportunity to take advantage of the cheap gas and electricity tariffs secured by an energy switching scheme.

The Big Switch scheme is a joint effort between Daventry District Council and its switching partner iChoosr to use collective purchasing power to secure better energy deals for residents.

Everyone who registers for the scheme is entered into a collective, with energy companies then invited to bid for their custom in an auction. The deals offered are often cheaper than those advertised to the general public.

The winter auction took place in February, with discount tariffs offered by So Energy, Green Star Energy and Economy Energy winning the process.

More than 65 per cent of Daventry District residents who registered this time were able to make a saving, allowing them to reduce their annual bill by around £150 on average.

However, there is still time for others to sign-up to the scheme and take advantage of the cheap tariffs being offered.

People have until 5pm on Tuesday, March 27 to register at

People who wish to register by phone can do so up to 5pm on Tuesday March 20 by phoning the pouncil on 01327 871100.

Registration is quick and easy, with just an annual energy bill or evidence of annual energy usage required to complete the process. There is no obligation to switch and no fees or charges involved whether people decide to switch or not.