Step nearer to new sports unit

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PLANS for a new £600,000 sports facility for Weedon are under way.

Weedon Sports Association is all set to submit a planning application for the new building, which will provide changing rooms as well as offer wider community use.

Association chairman Tony Wincott said: “The association was initially started in 1993 to provide some changing facilities on the Jubilee Fields in the village centre. We now find ourselves in a position where what we have provided is past its sell-by date.

“What really started us looking at it was the junior football. We had street football sessions put on in the village by Daventry District Council, and that led to three junior football teams who are doing really well.

“We want to build some new changing rooms with some rooms that could have a wider community use as well, which opens it out to other groups.

“We’re looking at putting in the application by the end of June. We’ve already spent the last 18 months on consultants and a feasibility study, which has already cost us thousands of pounds.

“So far the funds have all been raised by the association members and the football club, but the main one is our 400 club tote.

“We had a donation from our county councillor’s empowerment fund. We’ve also had a lot of pro bono work done for us by different experts and consultants as part of the planning work.”

But further funding support for the new building, in the village centre, is being sought from other organisations.

Mr Wincott said: “As well as running the facilities, we also give out grants to groups that meet the requirements in our constitution.”