Stem flow of students or face losing a school: mayor

Wendy Randall
Wendy Randall

Daventry’s mayor says if something is not done to get more young people to stay at the town’s secondary schools and attract more into the area, then one of them might face closure.

Every day five or six coaches take children from Daventry to other secondary schools, along with those who are driven or take public buses, and more students go from nearby villages to schools in Southam, Rugby, or Towcester.

Daventry’s mayor Wendy Randall said the effect was leaving the town’s two secondary schools undersubscribed, and there are also spaces at the Daventry UTC.

Cllr Randall said: “We are heading for a disaster. Worst-case scenario is that one of the schools will close.”

In her civic ceremony speech, Wendy Randall said the town schools already work hard to get more children through the door, but she wants to find out what level of support they are getting from the local authorities and school trusts.

In her speech, she said: “Within this town we have some great schools and some that need help. This is a serious problem and we need to act fast or I fear we could lose what we have. I will be doing all I can to support the schools and seeing what I can do to help them get the support they deserve.”

She added that families with children going to schools in Daventry face lower transport costs, have a lower carbon footprint, and it gives the young people themselves extra time – up to two hours per day – that would otherwise be used for travelling to and from school.