Station desk to have hours cut

Daventry Police Station.
Daventry Police Station.

Daventry Police Station’s front desk is to have its opening hours slashed by over half, Northamptonshire Police has revealed.

The changes will see the police reduce opening hours from 78 hours a week to just 36 from April 1.

The force currently has public enquiry desk facilities at 10 police stations which are all affected and the cuts follow a review of the services provided at these locations and how they are used by the public.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee said the review was part of the continuing drive to improve the way the force responds to and deals with enquiries from the public while recognising the financial challenges facing the force.

He said: “Public enquiry desks have long been an important part of a traditional police station and we know people feel reassured by having a police presence in their local community.

“However, the way people access policing services has changed over the past few years. Fewer people actually visit a police station in person and the majority of contact is now by phone; online methods of contact are also growing.

“As part of the review, we have looked at how often people visit the enquiry desks, the reasons they do so and the times they visit, and this has shown that the use of these facilities at certain times and in some locations is very low.

“We have also spoken to other forces that have recently made changes to their public enquiry desk provision and they too had recorded a marked decrease in the number of people visiting police station front offices.

The front desk in Daventry will open six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. It will no longer be open on Sunday.

Cllr Lynn Jones, who represents Abbey South, said she thought the changes would not have a great impact on people in the town: “I think it is cause and effect. A lot of people don’t realise the desk is open and the police do not publicise this.”

“A lot of people phone in or call 101. I myself have made use of these services in recent months. Policing is very different today.”