Starting all over again for Daventry ambulance station

A councillor has vowed to ‘start all over again’ with a campaign to save the Daventry ambulance station from closure.

News this week that the proposed closure of an ambulance station in Corby will not go ahead has given Cllr Wendy Randall a ‘glimmer of hope’ for Daventry.

Campaigning to save the Daventry Ambulance Station

Campaigning to save the Daventry Ambulance Station

She said: “When I found out Corby would be keeping their station it gave me hope that EMAS would knock this whole thing on the head. MP Andy Sawford campaigned hard for Corby arguing the same points that we have to retain our station. I will be getting in touch with Chris Heaton-Harris to ask him to do the same.

“I plan to start all over again, reapplying the pressure and doing more petitioning.”

Cllr Randall has always believed plans to close Daventry station and replace it with a community ambulance station would leave the district improperly served, particularly with the construction of new homes in the town.

The proposed changed are part of a large shake-up by EMAS’s under which community stations will hold facilities for crews and act as a resting place and Daventry’s nearest ambulance hub, where vehicles can be cleaned, maintained and restocked, will be Northampton North. The nearest ambulance station will be in Brackley.

The recent resignation of EMAS’ chief executive has also given the campaign hope.

Cllr Randall said: “Being the Best is a nightmare and I can’t see how it will be effective. I think Phil Milligan doesn’t want to be there when it’s a disaster and I say good riddance. We really need our station so we are starting the fight again and hopefully this time we might succeed.”

On Friday Mr Milligan announced his resignation after two years. He said clinical care and overall response times are the best they have been for some time adding: “I joined EMAS to make a difference. With plans in place and progress made I am proud to leave EMAS in a stronger position.”