Spring clean for the Grange estate

A previous clean up on The Grange estate in Daventry
A previous clean up on The Grange estate in Daventry

Rubbish, grime and other detritus will be tackled by residents on the Grange Estate as part of their ‘community clean-up’ day on March 21.

Residents will be meeting at the Pike & Eel pub in Tamar Square from 10am. After the success of previous litter-picking campaigns in dealing with historical litter– some of which to dated back the 70s – the determined campaigners say they will instead be focussing on cleaning bins and re-edging paths and grass.

Cllr Wendy Randall, who is helping to organise the clean-up event said: “Over the last two years the litter pickers and residents involved now number 23 people, which is amazing, and litter in the area we have cleared has been kept clear, but there are still areas that needs tackling.

“There are lots of people who have moved into the estate who have found it really, really sociable and we are also getting to know where our older and vulnerable people are living to keep up with them.

“But it has been really difficult to set up and has taken a lot of time to get more people.”

“Now when I see litter it is difficult not to pick something up. Litter is a big concern for us and residents in Daventry. If people want to start their own litter picking group they should contact the district council for support.”

Cllr Randall has been joined for the event with resident Jacquie Ward and support from Daventry District Council.

Jacquie was inspired by the sight of litter on the estate to set up The Grange Estate Facebook page – an increasingly popular online community for people to share information and work together to make improvements.

“I started litter picking and it just snowballed from there,” said Jacquie.

“By pulling together as a community we’ve made huge improvements to our estate. Walking around now I can see that people are happier and it really is thanks to all the volunteers who have given up their time to help keep the estate clean and tidy.

“I would urge people to join us for the Clean up Day on March 21. Come out and get to know more of your neighbours. It’s not just about litter picking - it’s also about being a part of your community.”

A number of similar events are taking place across Daventry District on the day and DDC has provided litter-picking equipment to help volunteers in Weedon, Whilton and East Farndon.

DDC environment portfolio holder Cllr Daniel Cribbin said: “The dropping of litter is a real blight on our District but we have seen on the Grange Estate how communities can work together – with help and support from this Council – to make real improvements.

“We have offered particular support to volunteers from the Grange, not because that area is in greater need of a clean-up than others, but in recognition of the fantastic community work that is happening there.

“We would urge people to come together to make the Clean up Day a fun activity and to send a message to the litter louts that it is not acceptable for them to spoil our District by dropping their rubbish.”

DDC has also began work this week to remove trees and overgrown hedges from the area around the old New Street bowls club ahead of the building’s demolition later this year.

Once demolished, the site will be levelled and turfed or seeded, forming part of the New Street Recreation Ground.

Temporary fencing will be put up around the site this week and will remain until the demolition and reinstatement work is complete.

The former bowls club was managed by Daventry District Bowls Club until it disbanded in April 2011. DDC launched an appeal to find a new group to take it on but none came forward.