Spirits are restless at The Windmill pub

Paranormal Investigation at the Windmill pub, Badby.'Pictured is Yvonne Goodsell
Paranormal Investigation at the Windmill pub, Badby.'Pictured is Yvonne Goodsell

Meet Daventry’s very own team of paranormal investigators.

Yvonne Goodsell, Paul Newton and Christine Odell have formed a paranormal investigation team after meeting through the various medium events organised by Yvonne.

Their aim is to investigate old locations, helping the current occupants understand any unusual happenings and, where necessary, help the spirits find peace. One of the first places they investigated was the Windmill pub at Badby.

Yvonne said: “For me coming to Badby first made sense – my family was from here and I knew the pub. The landlord was up for it too, so it just made sense to bring the team here.

“I met both Paul and Christine through Angelic Peace, which are the evenings I do. They’re both interested in the spirits and have a gift as well. Working this way we can all improve upon our skills and learn new things.

“It’s about treating the spirits with respect and understanding they’re usually just reaching out to make contact.

“It also helps people who live or work in the buildings and their customers. They might hear or experience things and wonder if they’re going barmy.

“If we can explain why these things are happening and who’s causing them, all the better.

“Take the Windmill; we came here and walked around. We could tell that something was happening with the drinks – I could sense one of the optics was mysteriously emptying, and that sometimes the pumps wouldn’t work. The staff confirmed that Southern Comfort was disappearing and at the new bar the pumps would randomly stop.

“So I could then tell them that it was down to one of the old dead landlords, who wasn’t too happy about the new bar!

“There was a room upstairs that the lock wouldn’t always work on, so we said a prayer and a bit of a blessing and it’s worked fine ever since. In another room we sensed there was someone who didn’t like people sleeping in there. The spirit would put hand prints on the sheets, and when people were falling asleep they’d pull on the sheets, and then drawers and the wardrobe doors would open.”

Bar supervisor Sam Templeton said: “Yvonne hadn’t told me that before, but when it was snowing earlier this year I got snowed in at the pub and decided to stay the night in that room.

“I found it hard getting to sleep and during the night I woke to a loud noise and the wardrobe doors were all open!”

Yvonne said: “When I walked into the kitchen I could ‘see’ there was food on the floor, like someone had just thrown it up into the air. Obviously there was no food on the floor there for anyone else to see.

“In the cellar we found evidence that a young boy had died there, right in that spot, but before the current building was there – energy like that can stay in the ground and that’s why modern houses can have spirits from years ago associated with them.”