Speeds set to be investigated on crash road

TRAFFIC is to be monitored on a Daventry road where two children were injured in recent weeks.

Last week the Daventry Express reported on a series of collisions on the stretch of the road between Western Avenue and the Ashby Road roundabout which had led residents to call for action.

Oliver Roberts, 10, was hit while trying to cross the road, leaving him with cuts and bruises, and then, on October 5, a boy aged 12 was hit at the pedestrian crossing.

In that instance the motorist drove off leaving the boy lying in the road with a broken leg which police say may require an operation.

Rebecca Dillon, who lives in Braunston Road, said: “After the first accident I contacted the county council to ask for someone to come out, and eventually, following the hit and run, they sent some officers out on Monday.

“Three of them came out for about 20 minutes. We stood by the road watching the traffic. Thankfully it wasn’t a quiet period.

“They seemed to realise there might be something worth looking at because they said they’d be looking at doing some speed monitoring.

“Apparently they’ll do it covertly, but the officer said something like 85 per cent of the cars need to be breaking the speed limit before they can do anything.

“They also apologised for saying that someone would have to die before anything could be done.

“It’s not just speed though along here – it’s the number of vehicles and the fact it’s narrow due to parked cars.”

On Monday police appealed for information over the hit and run asking anyone with information about to call them on 101 – or talk anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.