Speeding main cause of driving offences in Northamptonshire

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Speeding accounted for nearly nine in 10 driving offences in Northamptonshire last year, figures reveal.

Transport research charity RAC Foundation says the simple rule for drivers who want to avoid a speeding ticket is to stay within the limit.

Analysis of Home Office data by the group shows that motorists were caught driving too fast 49,448 times by Northamptonshire Police in 2018-19. It means 87 per cent of the 56,800 motoring offences recorded over the period were for speeding.

This was a higher proportion than across England and Wales as a whole – 84 per cent of the 2.8 million motoring infractions logged across the two nations were for speeding.

Steve Gooding of the RAC Foundation said: “The simple rule for drivers who don’t want to risk ending up with a speeding ticket is not to break the limit in the first place.”