Speeding drivers warned after checks on Daventry’s Ashby Road

DDC officers checking taxis
DDC officers checking taxis

The fire service, police and council checked vehicles in an enforcement day on Ashby Road.

Officers from the joint safer roads team (police and fire) were joined by a crew from Daventry Fire Station to speak to motorists seen to have flouted laws connected to speeding, failing to wear a seatbelt or using a mobile phone when driving.

The site chosen for the engagement activities was Ashby Road, where 28 drivers were stopped throughout the day. This was about six per cent of the total amount of traffic which used the site during this time.

Of these 28 drivers, 13 were spoken to for speeding, 11 for failing to wear a seatbelt and four for using a mobile phone while driving.

Daventry District Council also carried out checks on taxis.

Daventry Fire Station crew manager Duncan Timbs said: “The aim of this session was to educate drivers to the danger and potential consequences of these kinds of driving offence.

“As firefighters, sadly we are regularly called out to road traffic collisions and sometimes speeding or mobile phone use has contributed to the cause. This is one major reason why it is so important for us to take any opportunity to deliver these vital messages to drivers and hopefully prevent potential collisions from happening in the future.”

This day, which focused on educating motorists about driver behaviour, is just part of a wider, ongoing project of both engagement and enforcement work in the community.

Kamila Kemblowska, community engagement officer in the safer roads team, said: “The recent road safety day in Daventry is just part of our ongoing work to help educate and inform the public on road safety issues.

“Motorists may not always like being pulled over and spoken to about aspects of driving behaviour but it is always preferable to meet the emergency services that way, rather than after a collision in which people have been injured.”