Speeding campaign stepping up a gear

MHDE PC Roger Smith
MHDE PC Roger Smith

Plans to introduce a speed watch campaign to Daventry have moved a step nearer - but another swell of public support is still needed.

Daventry Town Council agreed to consider the proposal held at a meeting in January.

However for the scheme to be introduced, enough support needs to be pledged from the local community.

A total of 500 signatures are needed on a form before the scheme can go on to the next phase.

PC Roger Smith fromNorthamptonshire Police who is spearheading the Speed Watch campaign, said: “We have had roughly 80 signatures on the form and they have been out and about since Friday which has been a really good response so far.”

He believes the issue is a problem for people in the town.

PC Smith said: “When we are out and about in the town, one of the things that people keep coming back to is the problem of speeding.

“I think it is important for the community to see this action being taken.

“We know it does make a difference because the volunteers will be standing on the roadside in high-visibility jackets and have the speed guns.

“We hope it will help to educate people and make them think about the speed they are going.

“That way we can reduce the seriousness of accidents.”

People looking to sign the form can go to Daventry Town Council offices, Daventry District Council offices or Daventry Leisure Centre.

It can also be signed at several stores in the town including Past and Present, Harpers Boutique, Serendipity, Orange Blossom, Court Yard Cafe, The Shop Around the Corner and The Closet.

The forms will be available at these places for the next fortnight.