Special school wins backing from parents

Plans to build a special school in Daventry have been given a cautious welcome by parents.

Residents turned out to an open meeting last week to hear about the plans for the project.

It was held at the iCon centre in the town centre where The Education Excellence for All (EE4A) Trust invited people for their views.

The plans, which would see 175 places at the new academy, are then to be submitted to the Department of Education on Friday, May 9.

A number of parents, speaking after the meeting, welcomed the proposals but added that the meeting still left a lot of questions unanswered.

One parent, who didn’t want to be named, said: “I think the general scheme of having a special school is a good one.

“It is one that is needed and the number of places they are talking about would be just about right.

“However, there have been no locations revealed to us yet – and no images – and that is a bit of a worry.”

It is hoped the school will be opened for business in September 2016 if the process goes smoothly.

Tim Bartlett, chair or EE4A Trust, said: “We are really excited at the possibility of opening a Special School in Daventry.

“It was such a pleasure to meet with Daventry parents of pupils with special needs at our consultation event in the wonderful ICON centre.

“The two youngsters who came with their parents reminded us all what this is about – creating a school we can all be proud of for our children and young people.”