Special operation in Daventry sees 96 vehicles stopped

39 people were stopped on the first day and 57 the following day
39 people were stopped on the first day and 57 the following day

A total of 96 vehicles were stopped in Daventry this week as Northamptonshire Police and Fire and Rescue carried out a special operation targeting driving offences.

On the first day, police focussed on speeding, seatbelts, mobile phones and drink driving offenders, with officers joined by HMRC who checked for illegal use of red diesel.

In total, 39 people were stopped for speeding between 35mph and 46mph - ten of which were at 40 or over - on day one at sites on Ashby Road and Staverton Road.

Seven of the vehicles stopped were vans, and 22 drivers lived locally.

Nobody was pulled over for seat belt offences, and two were stopped for using their mobile phones.

The following day was used for education and awareness purposes unless the drivers were recorded at excessive speeds or committing other offences. Officers reported this was well received by all but one stopped driver.

The second operation saw 57 vehicles either stopped or checked, 12 cars seized, and one arrest for drink driving.

Sixteen other offences were dealt with, as nine were without tax, three were without insurance, and one was driving on red diesel.