Soldiers’ support is first class

Tristan Bell, Jay and Kajal Odedra and Val Worrall
Tristan Bell, Jay and Kajal Odedra and Val Worrall

A sailor in the Royal Navy returned to his former workplace in Braunston to thank the shop and its customers for all their support.

The Select Convenience store in Braunston is the collection point for a project run by villagers Val Worrall which sends parcels of goodies out to British soldiers and sailors serving overseas.

Sub Lieutenant Tristan Bell serves on HMS Montrose, a ship which has been receiving parcels from the store where he used to work.

The shop has now been presented with a plaque of HMS Montrose’s crest by Tristan to thank the staff and customers on behalf of his crew.

Tristan said: “I’m here to present the plaque to the Village Store and Val who has been sending the parcels out.

“We want to thank them for the 20 parcels they sent to HMS Montrose.

“To be able to have items sent from home, from the shop I used to work in, and know that there are people back here who know what we’re doing gives a massive boost to all the ship’s company.

“The things we enjoy finding in the boxes are simple things like good coffee or chocolate bars and sweets.

“You can get things like that around the world, but they’re not exactly the same as you get back at home.”

HMS Montrose was recently out in the eastern Mediterranean protecting ships carrying chemical weapons being removed from Syria for the UN.

As the ship is now back in the UK, parcels are currently being sent out to the Warthog group of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers in Afghanistan.

Since the project started, 1,348 boxes have been sent out from Braunston filled with donations from locals and visitors to the village.