Snow warning issued by police

THE Met Office has this afternoon issued a weather warning of potentially disruptive snow falls from tomorrow (Friday).

The first significant snow is expected to start around 9am on Friday and will continue into the afternoon. At times it is expected to be heavy and possibly up to 10cm across the East Midlands. Snow is expected again on Saturday and Sunday but lower amounts than the falling snow on Friday.

Contingency plans are being prepared across the Force to help respond to the anticipated weather problems forecast and people are being advised to make sure they are prepared as much as possible.

Superintendent Andy Cox is urging people to make sure they are prepared for any snowfall as well as reminding them to take care while out on the county’s roads.

Supt Cox said: “At the moment we do not know exactly how much snow fall we are likely to see over the next few days. However, I want people to make sure they are as prepared as possible.

“Make sure you are wrapped up well and if you are driving, make sure you have extra warm clothes in your car, as well as an ice scraper and small spade if possible. Also make sure your mobile phone is fully charged so you are able to call for help, should you need it.

“Always make sure your vehicle is fully defrosted and all windows are clear of snow and ice before you set-off.

“Every year we have cars stolen in Northamptonshire after people have started their vehicle and left it with the keys in the ignition while it warms up. This is an open invitation to opportunist criminals so we are asking people to please stay with their vehicle if it is unlocked and don’t offer that temptation.”

Drivers are also being reminded to make sure they alter their driving style to the conditions they find themselves in.

Supt Cox said: “If you are driving in snow and icy conditions, make sure you slow down and leave extra braking distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. If the conditions are particularly poor please consider if you really need to make your journey.”

Police are once again reminding people to take care around frozen lakes and water. Parents are also asked to remind their children about the dangers of frozen water in the prevailing wintry conditions.

People are also being urged to check with vulnerable friends and relatives that they are prepared for any heavy snow and have sufficient provisions for the weekend.