Smoother journey for drivers thanks to Catthorpe Interchange’s new link road

Drivers on the A14 in Leicestershire will enjoy smoother journeys now that a new link road connecting the A14 to the M1 northbound has opened as part of the £191 million M1 junction 19 Catthorpe improvement scheme.
The A14-M1 link road during constructionThe A14-M1 link road during construction
The A14-M1 link road during construction

Now A14 to M1 northbound traffic will be transferred onto a new 280-metre flyover – meaning drivers on this route will no longer pass through the ‘dumbbell’ roundabouts at Catthorpe Interchange.

The A14 will split at M1 junction 19, with the left-hand lane joining the M1 northbound on the new flyover and the right-hand lane of the A14 continuing westbound as the M6 – an exact swap from their current designations.

Ivan Marriott, Highways England project manager, said: “The opening of the A14-M1 link road – a major east-to-north national artery – is the third new link road to open in the past three months, demonstrating the excellent progress we are making on this important scheme.

“The new 280-metre flyover will remove the queuing on the A14 approach and help to untie the knot at the junction, meaning drivers will enjoy safer, smoother and more reliable journeys.

“Due to the significant changes in layout, I’d like to remind drivers to drive carefully as they get used to this new link road and to stick to the speed limit to keep themselves and our road workers safe.”

Drivers accustomed to joining the M1 via the ‘dumbbell’ roundabouts are advised that the new A14-M1 link will sever this connection permanently. Local traffic should use alternative routes via the M1 junction 20 or A14 junction to access the motorway network.

The scheme, which began in 2014, will improve junction 19 of the M1, along with sections of the M6 and the A14 within the counties of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Once completed, it will relieve congestion, improve journey reliability and boost safety.