Skate park helps tackle youth crime

Opening of Daventry's Diamond Jubilee Skate Park. Picture by Jaz Tait
Opening of Daventry's Diamond Jubilee Skate Park. Picture by Jaz Tait

Daventry’s skate park has lowered anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the New Street Rec since it was opened a year ago.

Police have paid tribute to local young people in the light of the news which bucks the rising trend of anti-social behaviour across Daventry. It has risen by 16 per cent in the past 12 months but in the area of the Rec police say the problem is now ‘minimal.’

The park project was led by young people and has proved incredibly popular since opening 12 months ago.

Sam Dobbs: “It is a great attraction for young people from all over the area who want to have fun in safety without being complained about and we are delighted with the way it polices itself.

“The young people who designed it asked for CCTV, which protects them and their reputation, and of course we can also see most of the activities from the police station windows!

“It’s true there were some teething problems as the youth community adapted to this new facility, and I know this caused some concerns, but from a police perspective, the project has been a huge success, and anti-social behaviour there is now minimal – a great tribute to the users.”

Finn Pickard was one of the skaters from the Phoenix Centre who worked on the project. He said: “It’s drastically changed the amount of people using the Rec compared to the numbers we used to see. I would say on a nice day, there’s at least triple the amount. I put a lot of work into the park and feel a great sense of pride. From getting a concrete skate park, which is a big deal in the skating community, to seeing the large number of people who use it, it has been great.”