Skate park bench to remember Joe

Memorial bench for Joe Butler.
Memorial bench for Joe Butler.

A special bench has been 
installed at the Daventry skate park in memory of a town teenager who was killed in a car accident.

Joe Butler, 19, of Chaucer Way, Daventry, died after a collision on the A5 south of Watford Gap in March 2012.

His family and friends have been tirelessly fundraising since his death to get a memorial bench installed at the New Street Recreation Ground. Their efforts have now been rewarded.

The new bench was put in on Thursday last week.

Joe’s mum, Arlene, said: “We wanted to put this up there because he loved the skate ramp and loved his BMX. There were a lot of days when I didn’t see him because he was always up there.

“He was also one of the youngsters who helped with the designs of the new skate ramps and helped to pick the overall look of it.

“It was important for Joe’s friends and family to have a bench up there.

“I visit the skate park sometimes and see lots of his friends up there and all they asked me was when was the bench going to be put up to remember Joe.

“I am glad now to see that it has finally been built.

“A big thank you to councillor Maureen Luke who worked very hard to ensure the bench was put up.”

Mrs Butler said she was delighted with the skate park and that it brought back happy memories of her son.

She added: “I think he would have been delighted with the skate park.

“I didn’t see a lot of him before but if he was around now to see this, I think he would have been up there all of the time.

“He has also worked on a lot of the art work on the subways and in the youth centre.

“It is nice to walk around the town and think that Joe helped to achieve that.”