Signs, triggers and where to seek help

Balloon Launch at St James Infant School
Balloon Launch at St James Infant School

EATING disorders regularly affect people in the Daventry area according to one local charity raising awareness of mental health issues.

Time2talk, Daventry, shed light on the issue as part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week this week and marked Northamptonshire mental health awareness day on Friday with a balloon launch.

Pupils and staff at St James Infant School also released balloons at midday to stamp out the stigma of talking about mental health issues.

Manager at Time2talk Andrew Nixon said: “Eating disorders are a form of emotional illness usually brought about by a negative body image and low self esteem.

“It’s important that the wider community are aware so that they can support friends or family who might be experiencing this illness.

Mr Nixon said there is much debate about what can trigger an eating disorder but the media play a role in enforcing unrealistic images of the ideal body.

He added that the stresses of day to day life and feelings of low self esteem can also effect people and cause them to control their food intake.

To address this and other mental health issues pupils at St James Infant School were taught how to recognise if someone was worried and what to do in that situation. Teachers also stressed the importance of talking to friends and being there for others.

Kaleidoscope coordinator Debbie Tucker said: “I think it is really important we remind the children about the importance of good mental health.

“They recognised that circle of time was linked to this and were really responsive to the teaching.”