Signs and fences go up to bar access and dog walkers from Northampton College field

One of the signs and new fences at the edge of the college site
One of the signs and new fences at the edge of the college site

A series of signs have gone up today, Wednesday April 1, to stop people accessing Northampton College’s playing fields off Badby Road West in Daventry.

The signs have been coupled in places with new fencing, blocking off gaps in the perimeter of the site.

The signs, pictured above, state correctly that the land is private, and states dog walking is not permitted on the playing fields, despite the local community using them in such a way for decades.

The college site is currently subject to a planning application for 130 homes on part of the land.

Northampton College says it needs to sell off part of the site for housing to get the rest of the funding for its plan to build a new college facility on part of the site close to its current car park entrance.

The planning application shows some of the existing playing fields would remain – including those immediately behind the fence pictured above.

The signs have already been joined by ones saying: “This fence and notice was erected on April 1, 2015.

“It contravenes your right to access and use this playing field for exercise, recreation and dog walking, as established by custom and practice over the last 37 years.”

It goes on to encourage anyone objecting to the new notices and the planning application for the site to join the College Grounds Action Group.

Earlier this week several trenches were dug into the football pitches used by Drayton Grange Football Club. Northampton College has not confirmed if it is responsible for this.