Sign up to stop speeding

MHDE'PC Roger Smith NNL-140403-154001001
MHDE'PC Roger Smith NNL-140403-154001001

Police say there is still time for members of the public to sign a petition to get a Speedwatch campaign in Daventry.

And the officer behind the scheme has advised people they have to support the project or it might not happen.

Daventry Town Council agreed to consider the proposal when Speedwatch was discussed at a meeting in January.

However, for the scheme to be introduced a total of 500 signatures is needed before it can go on to the next phase.

The petition was launched in February, but the target has not been reached.

PC Roger Smith said: “All of the indications I have been given are that if we do not get to 500 signatures, then the scheme will be stopped right there.

“While there is no time limit on this, we want to keep the enthusiasm for this scheme going and keep it at the front of people’s minds before the next thing comes to the top of the agenda.

“We know that people will speed, but having the people out there with the fluorescent jackets will make people think about their actions.

“The idea of the Speedwatch campaign has never been about prosecutions. If we wanted to do that, we could take the speed guns out and get the prosecutions. Instead we want this to be about educating drivers and making them think a little bit more.”

Despite not securing all of the signatures, the police say they have had a lot of enthusiasm for it so far.

PC Smith added: “Whenever we have been speaking to people, they are very happy to see something launched and there has been plenty of positive reaction from the people that have signed it.

“However, there is a world of difference between people welcoming it and actually getting the pen in their hand and signing it.

“That is what we need people to do now.”

The police are now looking to be more proactive to get more people to sign up for the campaign.

PC Smith said: “What we are looking at now is that when officers go out and make house to house enquiries they are asking people if they would like to sign up to the campaign. We are also going to see if there is any public events taking place that we can go on the back of to try to get more people to sign it.”

The petition can also be signed by visiting the reception at the police station in New Street.