Sign of unrest among town twinning group

New Daventry signs were unveiled at the Daventry Town Council offices, on Friday 20th July.
New Daventry signs were unveiled at the Daventry Town Council offices, on Friday 20th July.

DAVENTRY’S twinning association has questioned if the town’s overseas links are being swept under the carpet.

In July new welcome to Daventry signs, designed by local schoolchildren, were installed at all entrances to the town.

They replaced older signs that looked tatty and, in some cases, were within the boundaries of the expanding town.

However, the new signs also left off the fact that Daventry is twinned with the German town of Westerberg, a relationship that started in 1985.

Mavis Matthews, from the Daventry Twinning Association, said: “It’s a shame that when they put up these new signs they didn’t include the ‘twinned with Westerberg’ elements that were on the older signs. Some of the old signs had a smaller sign underneath about the twinning, but they’ve disappeared since they removed the old welcome signs.

“I’ve been in touch to see what’s happened.”

The road signs are not the only aspect of the town’s twinning history to vanish.

Mrs Matthews said: “The twinning charter is now on display in the Pigeonhole in the Moot Hall.

“But when the town council had its offices in Bishop Crewe House, near the library, there was a permanent display of things associated with the twinning. Since the council moved to New Street I’ve not seen any of that.

“I know the twinning association hasn’t been too active lateley, but that’s due to the economy. I know, however, I could fill a bus with people wanting to go over to Germany.

“The original twinning drive was led by the mayor of the time and it seems a shame for it to disappear from the town.”

A spokesman for the town council said the road signs were designed by local school children who decided the twinning was not significant enough to be included on the signs which are intended to last for the long term.

However, putting new ‘twinned with’ signs under the main ones is an option that will be suggested to the twinning association.