Sign of the times for young student

A YOUNG dad has taken his search for work to the streets of Daventry.

Alex Borman, 19, has been standing on the town’s industrial estates with a sign advertising that he is available for a plumbing apprenticeship.

Alex, 19, is currently studying plumbing at Moulton College in Daventry.

He said: “I’ve been doing my level two technical certificate and I’m about to go back to college.

“I’m very passionate about plumbing and I want to do some work with bathroom or kitchen fitters. Ideally I want to get into doing bathrooms.

“For a while I’ve been sending out letters and CVs and making phone calls to businesses in Daventry, Rugby, Northampton, but it’s not got me very far, so I thought I’d try to do something to get myself noticed.”

Rather than staying at home or spending time with his friends, Alex, who lives in Joseph Priestly Court in Daventry, has been out and about advertising his potential near businesses used by the plumbing trade.

Through rain and shine he has been hitting the streets in the hope that he might be offered some on-the-job experience.

He said: “I usually get out here for about 10am, because that’s when the tradesmen start driving past. I stay out until it dies off at the end of the day – usually around 4pm.

“My fiancée and son usually come out to see me at some point.

“I’ve been soaked to the skin a couple of times. And it’s been so windy my board gets blown away.

“I’ve not had any offers of work yet, but lots of people have been wishing me luck.”

Despite his on-going search for an apprenticeship, Alex manages to see a silver lining to it all.

He said: “A lot of people are suffering at the moment.

“A lot of us on my course are trying to find places and not getting anywhere.

“It is hard for people to get jobs, but I think for me it’s also had a positive effect.

“Standing out here and meeting different people all the time, it’s made me more confident as well.”