Siblings meet at last after 60 years apart

A BROTHER and sister who were separated as children and put up for adoption have met for the first time in more than 60 years.

Margaret Smith, from Welton, never got to meet her baby brother Murray Brudenell as he was put up for adoption just days after being born.

Their parents had separated and a couple who couldn’t have children paid to adopt him.

Decades later Mr Brudenell, 62, found some papers listing the names of his birth parents and discovered he had originally been named John Woodford.

His daughter, Natalie, suggested he go to the Northampton Records Office but it proved a dead end.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Mr Brudenell discovered he had a sister, and the search to find her started again just a few week’s ago when the family were watching ITV show Long Lost Family and a few family tree websites were mentioned.

Using a website called Natalie paid £7 for a number of search credits, and after just four hours she found out her dad’s sister was called Margaret Woodford and her married name is Smith.

Natalie said: “Of all the names to come up, Smith must be the most common. But I went on the electoral roll and found just two in Northamptonshire. I wrote a letter and sent it to both.

“A lady rang me the next day saying she was the one we were looking for, I couldn’t believe we had found her after 60 years.”

The brother and sister then arranged to meet up for the first time on Saturday and are already planning their next get together.

Mrs Smith, 65, told the Daventry Express: “Murray’s daughter did it all on the internet and just put a letter in the post hoping that I was his sister.

“It was lovely, I was thrilled to bits when I got the letter and realised it was him.

“We met for the first time on Saturday and it was lovely, we got on well and had a brilliant time. We are going to meet up again, I’ve got a big family so he’s got a lot of people to meet, it’s just a shame that it has taken until now

“I’ve known since I was 16 that I had a brother somewhere but I thought it was up to him to decide whether he wanted to make contact.

“It’s amazing really how easy it was for him to find me.”

Mr Brudenell, who lives in Kettering, said: “When I first spoke to her I didn’t know what to say. I got a bit emotional.

“Meeting her was just what we were hoping for and we will definitely be staying in touch and meeting up again.

“I’m so grateful to Natalie for finding her.”