Siblings’ cash enterprise is 
ruined by thief

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A PAIR of junior business partners have been left out of pocket after thieves stole money and eggs from a farm.

Sam and Alice Whittaker, aged 10 and six respectively, from Manor Farm, Sawbridge, have been using the eggs laid by chickens at the farm to sell.

The eggs have been available outside the farm alongside an honesty box for people to deposit money in.

However there have been three incidents within the past two weeks in which all of the eggs and the money in the box have been taken from the farm.

This has led to their father saying he may have to bring the business to an end if there are further thefts.

John Whittaker said: “How am I supposed to explain what has happened to a 10-year-old and a six-year-old.

“We are encouraging them to earn the money and then someone comes along and does this.

“It was his and his sister’s only form of income and they have just taken it.

“It wouldn’t bother me as much if the thief had just taken one box of eggs and not put any money in, but to steal all of the eggs and the money is just not right.

“I don’t want to have to say to Sam and Alice that we will have to bring it to an end because it is something they are really enjoying.”

The father had helped them to set up the idea as a way of helping them to earn their pocket money

He has now put up signs in the village in an effort to deter the people from carrying out the thefts and he has been pleased with the response from the village.

Mr Whittaker added: “I put the sign up and already we have had a lot of people come forward and put money into the honesty box and not take any of the eggs by way of replacing the money that has been stolen.

“There has been a lot of support and good will around and that has been really pleasing.”

While the thefts have not been reported to the police because of the small amount of money involved, Mr Whittaker said it was a lot to the two children.

He added: “For adults, this would simply be a little bit of spare cash but for my two kids, this is a source of their income.

“In the signs that I put up, I just said to the person shame on you for stealing from children. It’s a very low thing to do. They must be very desperate if they can’t afford £1 for a box of eggs.”

“I just hope that by speaking out the thief will think about his actions.”