Shop litterbugs and dog foulers

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A CRACKDOWN on litter and dog mess has been launched by Daventry District Council.

The authority is asking members of the public who see people flouting the rules to report them so it can try and track them down.

The council says the crackdown comes after feedback from residents and parish councils which suggested dog fouling and littering is one of their top concerns.

Councillor Daniel Cribbin, portfolio holder for the environment, said: “Recently one of our officers saw a person throw burger containers out of a car window as they were driving along, so they reported it and the person responsible was identified and now faces the prospect of having to pay a fixed penalty notice.

“If people see things like that and report the registration number of the car to us, along with the colour of the car and a description of the person who threw the litter, then we can act upon it.

“We also want people to report dog fouling and to provide as much evidence as possible.

“Even if we can’t identify the dog owner that is responsible, or use the evidence that is provided, it will still give us an idea of where we need to target our resources so that future fouling can be prevented.”

The council says money raised from the fines will be ring-fenced and go back towards the cost of enforcement.

Teams of officers will also be out on patrol at known hotspots to try and catch offenders.

To report littering or dog fouling contact DDC on 01327 871100 or email environmentalimprovement