Sexual consent campaigners to march in Northampton town centre to raise awareness

One of the posters produced by Northants Rape Crisis
One of the posters produced by Northants Rape Crisis

A hard-hitting campaign about sexual consent has been launched by a Northamptonshire charity that supports survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Northamptonshire Rape Crisis is the only specialist agency providing free counselling and other services to survivors across the county.

One of the posters produced by Northants Rape Crisis

One of the posters produced by Northants Rape Crisis

In partnership with Northamptonshire Police, they are running a hard-hitting awareness campaign #ConsentIs.

A series of posters and postcards will be displayed in venues throughout the county, including pubs, clubs, GP surgeries, community centres and youth clubs. The posters address various myths about sexual consent, what it is and how to get it, along with the consequences of not getting consent.

Debbie Galton, chair of NRC, said “The issue of sexual consent is relevant for people of all ages, TV programmes like the BBC 3 documentary called Is This Rape really highlight the need for more education about consent.

“We are really pleased to work with Northamptonshire Police Police on this campaign and we believe it will make a huge difference, particularly to younger people who can be quite confused about it.”

NRC has a free helpline that is available for anyone affected by rape or sexual violence. In addition to counselling the charity also offers various support groups and other support. They work with women, men and children over 14 years and can offer support regardless of when the event took place.

Detective Superintendent Steve Lingley, head of Crime Investigation at Northamptonshire Police, said: “We work closely with Rape Crisis and fully support this powerful campaign. We recognise the terrible impact this type of crime has on victims, and this campaign is part of a partnership response aimed at educating young people, raising public awareness and increasing public confidence”.

“Anybody wishing to report a sexual offence should contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency”.

“As well as the excellent service Northants Rape Crisis provides, specialist support is also available through a Helpline provided by ‘Voice’ which specialises in giving support for victims of interpersonal violence, including rape and sexual abuse”.

NRC and their supporters will be marching along the Wellingborough Road into the town centre on Friday November 20 at 10pm for the annual Reclaim the Night march, the day that the #ConsentIs campaign is launched. For more details of the work of NRC and the Reclaim the Night march see

For free support, please call the helpline on 0300 222 5930.

More information about Voice is available at