Senior staff at police force leave their roles

Two senior members of staff in Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds’ office have announced they are leaving their roles.

Assistant commissioners Peter Heaton and John Raisin will both be stepping down next month.

Mr Heaton, who played a key role in Mr Simmonds’ 2012 election win, said: “I leave the Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commission next month to return full-time to my consulting business.

“(It’s) been a fascinating two years, fighting/winning an election, then being one of the leaders in the leading police and crime commission. The first with a news and public involvement team also serving a chief constable, radical, innovative work in digital media, news, insight, behavioural science and public involvement and new ground now being followed elsewhere. Much has been learned by all.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said Mr Simmonds was currently deciding whether to make any structural changes to his organisation in the wake of the two departures.