Seb takes on mountain for Leila

A ten-year-old boy from Daventry who has ADHD and dyspraxia is planning to climb one of England's highest mountains to help raise funds to support a little girl with a devastating illness.

Sebastiaan (Van Den Brandeler) Stobart kept in touch with nine-year-old Leila Paris after meeting her in Egypt.

She has recently undergone brain surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital in London after last year being diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological condition that causes muscle spasms.

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Sebastiaan’s dad David explained: “Sebastiaan went with his sister and mum to visit Leila.

“Everyone was moved by the strength and courage shown by not just Leila but also her parents and little brother Finley.

“He asked his mum what he could do to try and help her.

“Sebastiaan has his own challenges.

“He has ADHD and dyspraxia, so suggesting such was very special.”

Last year, Sebastiaan’s sister climbed Helvellyn in the Lake District with their dad, so he decided he would do the same to help raise funds towards a holiday for Leila and her family.

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Sebastiaan asked his dad: “I know I couldn’t manage it last year as I kept falling over, but maybe if I try really hard I could climb Helvellyn with your help.

“Could I do that for Leila and raise money to help her go to Disney World?”

David said: “This alone would be a challenge for any ten-year-old, but the side effects of Sebastian’s condition make for constant imbalance and lack of coordinated footing.

“This truly will be a massive challenge for this young chap as he trips and falls often, banging his shins and knees on the rocky trail.

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“We have been staggered by his enthusiasm to do this for Leila – he hasn’t even been to Disney himself. Seb has also donated the contents of his piggy bank.”

You can support Sebastaiann’s efforts by visiting

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