Search for tales from river

Benjamin Till.
Benjamin Till.

A composer is suffering for his art by walking the entire length of the River Nene.

Benjamin Till, a former student of Northamptonshire Music School, been commissioned by Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust to write a major composition about the River Nene, which will be performed by 700 school children at the Royal Albert Hall next year.

Benjamin said: “In an attempt to immerse myself in the world of the river, I am walking the entire length from Badby to the Wash on six consecutive days today (Thursday) until next Tuesday, staying at guest houses along the river’s length.

“Obviously, I’m terrified about the mission, but feel it’s important.”

Part of the composition will include local people’s memories and stories about the river.

Benjamin added: “I’m looking for folk tales, folk songs, urban legends, ghost stories and private memories – perhaps about the floods in 1998.

“I’m looking to hear from people who worked in the old boot and shoe industry, but also little stories of hope, and sadness.

“Anything really.

“The idea of the composition is that stores and memories are sonically washed along the length of the river – opening up in the charging sea.”

Can you help Benjamin Till with memories about the river?

You can call him on 07970 569125.