Scouts off to Japan for a jamboree


Alisdair Rolt, Jordan Simpson-Brown, Tom King and Millie Potts (not pictured), all from the Daventry area, have been selected to join 3,500 Scouts and Guides from across the UK to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

Between 28 July and 8 August 2015, 2 Scouts and 2 Explorer Scouts from Daventry and District will be part of 3,500 Scouts and Guides from across the UK who joining others from around the world in Kirara-hama, Japan for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

The theme of the jamboree will be ‘Wa’ meaning harmony, unity, friendship and peace allowing a ‘spirit of unity’ to share others’ cultures and faiths, take part in adventurous activities and grow as global citizens to tackle world issues.

Tom King, a Scout in Ashby Fields Scout troop, Millie Potts, an Explorer Scout in Crick Explorer Scout Unit, Alisdair Rolt, an Explorer Scout from Braunston Piranha Explorer Scout Unit and Jordan Simpson-Brown, a Scout from 2nd Daventry, were chosen out of 87 scouts who applied from the whole of Northamptonshire and will be part of 36 young people having this fantastic opportunity.

To be selected they had to go through a weekend of team building exercises. Millie Potts said “We were put in teams of Six and had to work together to complete certain tasks like First Aid.”

Tom King added “We learnt how to pitch tents and we were tested on our Scouting knowledge”

When asked what they are looking forward to most, Alisdair Rolt said “I am most looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing a new culture.”

Jordan Simpson-Brown said: “I am looking forward to making new memories and friends.”

Although the Jamboree seems a long way off, all the participants have got to raise £3,000 each in order to go. Millie Potts as started by doing bag packing and Alisdair is being sponsored to have his head shaved. 2nd Daventry are holding a fashion show on Saturday 15th March at their headquarters near Daventry Country Park to help fundraising. This includes a glass of wine and a raffle ticket on entrance and starts at 19:00. Tickets are £7 and are available from 2nd Daventry Group Scout Leader, Irene Lockley,

Irene commented “Jordan has been in Scouting as a Beaver when she was 6 years old and it is nice that we can do something for her. What a fantastic opportunity.”

If you would like to know more about their adventure or would like to donate money to help them fundraise, please email or call Jennie Curtis on 07775 758580. Any amount of money would be gratefully received by them.