Schools unite after two incidents of indecent exposure in Daventry

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SCHOOLS in Daventry have responded to two incidents of indecent exposure within a week by pledging to implement extra measures to protect their pupils.

Falconers Hill Junior and Infant schools and the Parker E-ACT Academy are joining forces to devise an action plan for dealing with such issues.

While police patrols have been stepped up around the schools.

Following concerns for the welfare of pupils, the schools want to create a clear procedure for what to do in the event of serious injury or an intruder entering the school site.

This action follows one incident at 8.45am last Thursday when a man exposed himself to three girls who were walking along Welton Road, in Teal Close near the allotments and old railway line, part of a busy route to the schools.

And another on Wednesday when four 15-year-old girls saw an indecent exposure on their way to school at 8.30am in the Swann Dale underpass.

The Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village informed parents of the incidents immediately.

Headteacher at Falconers Hill Junior School Stephen Dadd, said: “Obviously we are really worried if there are people going around exposing themselves to children, it’s very serious. The three schools on this site are working closely together to help support each other in case of this kind of event.

“It’s about making sure the pupils are safe and secure.”

Letters were sent out to parents raising awareness of the incidents.

Officers also issued personal alarms to the affected students.

Assistant headteacher at the Parker E-ACT Academy Ruth Roberts said: “Indecent exposure is not something any adult has the right to do to a child and I am grateful that the police have been so supportive.”

“I feel that they are dealing with the incident very carefully and the fact that they responded so quickly is very reassuring.”

The school has put the description of the man on its website for parents to refer to.

Sergeant for the Daventry Safer Community Team Sam Dobbs, said: “These girls did exactly the right thing and told the school as soon as they arrived about what happened to them.

“We would always urge children to do exactly as these girls did. Tell an adult as soon as possible or call 999.”

Police are looking for a man described as white, of medium build, in his 50s and around 5ft11”.

Sgt Dobbs added: “I would like to reassure parents that we are doing everything we can to find the offender.

At the time of the incident he was wearing a dark-coloured jacket with a hood which was up and a black beanie-style hat.

He exposed himself at 8.45am at the back of Teal Close near the Black path and allotments.

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555.