Schools’ delight with new results

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PRIMARY schools in the Daventry district have been celebrating their achievements following the release of the latest league tables.

Figures released on Tuesday show how Year Six pupils performed in their SATs tests held in the summer.

For the fourth year running, Welton Primary School has come top of the schools in the area.

All of the pupils achieved a Level 4 or above in English and maths.

The school also received a contextual value added (CVA) score, which shows what the school has added to a pupils education, of 101.1. The national average is 100.

Headteacher Yvonne Watts said: “It is great news, we are all quite proud of what we are doing here.

“We have had 100 per cent getting Level 4 or above since 2008 but we are really pleased that 72 per cent of pupils have got Level 5 in English, which is really excellent.”

She put the results down to the belief the school has in its pupils.

She added: “We have high expectations of the pupils and we believe that they will rise to that challenge.

“All of the pupils, teachers and staff work really hard.”

The school also gained an average points per pupil (APPP) score of 31.

The score is worked out by adding all the points pupils have achieved and dividing them by the number of pupils eligible to sit the test. The maximum a school can get is 33.

One of the other high achievers in the area was Chipping Warden Primary School, which got a CVA score of 100.1 and APPP score of 30.1.

Headteacher Sam Dadd said: “It is just fantastic news, we work really hard to make sure the schools reach their full potential.

“I am really pleased but it just shows how hard the pupils, teachers, staff and parents work.

“It is all this hard work that helps pupils to get good results.”

Weedon Bec Primary School achieved a CVA score of 100.3.

Headteacher Anthony Witheyman said: “Any result that the school achieves is always down to the hard work of pupils, parents, teachers and staff. They have all pulled together to get this result.”

There was a boycott of SATs tests by several schools in the area which argued they put children under too much pressure. Some headteachers even branded the exams ‘pointless’.

The Abbey Junior and Falconer’s Hill Junior schools, both in Daventry, and schools in Long Buckby, Crick and Staverton were among those that did not hold exams.

Some primary schools, including those in Byfield and Newnham, did not hold SATs because there were not enough pupils eligible to sit the tests.