School to celebrate turning 50

Falconer’s Hill Infant School will celebrate its 50th birthday next week by opening its doors to past parents, staff and pupils.

On Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday June 27 the school on Ashby Road, which opened in 1963, will be open for a tour at 11am for those who wish to visit.

In the week pupils will be visited by the school’s ‘Grandad’ a falcon chick mascot named Fizz who will tell his story about the infant school in 1963.

The children will also dress in 60s clothing and enjoy a garden party and disco with popular 60s music from bands such as the Beatles.

To make the week even more interesting a falconer will visit the school to talk to the children about birds of prey paying particular attention to the peregrine falcon. The children will also see a flying display by the birds.

Photographs of the school through the ages will be available for visitors to see.

If you would like to visit the school to join in the 50th birthday celebrations please call or email Falconer’s Hill on 01327 702878 or